Brand new summer single: A different life, feat. ex. member and long time collaborator Emil Nikolaisen of Serena Maneesh on guitar

In their 17th year of existence The Loch Ness Mouse from Norway release their 4th studio album “New Graffiti”. The album follows up “11-22” from 2005 and “Key West” from 2002, both of these albums nominated to “Pop Album of the Year” in Norway (Alarm Prize).

The band is centered around the songwriting brothers Jörn and Ole Johannes Aleskjaer, and has since the start released 4 studio albums, of which two are also released in the US and one in Japan. In 2010 the band’s first album “Flair for Darjeeling” was remastered and released in a 10 Year Anniversary Double Disc Deluxe version. There’s also a best of-CD compiled for the Japanese market only (“Cargo – An introduction to The Loch Ness Mouse”). The band has toured all over Norway, in Latvia, England, Sweden and in China. 

The Loch Ness Mouse have shared members with other Norwegian bands like Serena Maneesh, 120 Days, Lionheart Brothers and I Was A King, and album collabs include Stella Mwangi, Elvira Nikolaisen, guitarist Georg Wadenius (Aretha Franklin etc.) and many more. Ole Johannes has also been playing as live musician with Robyn Hitchcock, I Was A King and Gary Olson/The Ladybug Transistor and done studio work for Elvira Nikolaisen and others. Jörn has written songs for records by I Was A King and Ladybug Transistor, in addition to the Mouse catalogue, and will release his first solo album in 2011.

Through the years The Loch Ness Mouse have remained a 100% underground act, and have constantly kept on challenging new musical territory, from the Todd Rundgren/late Beach Boys-oriented harmony pop on “Key West” to the more  demanding r’n’b/jazz-influenced pop on “New Graffiti”. Like the All Music Guide puts it, The Loch Ness Mouse play a “bouncy, brassy mash up of r’n’b and indie pop”.

Noe av den beste popmusikken som noensinne er gitt ut i dette landet


De er kvalitetsproduktet som kanskje ikke vil få sin berettigede heder, ære og berømmelse før etter sin død.

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Når skal disse brødrene få overta Grotten?

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En av de mest innflytelsesrike norske platene de siste tjue åra.

T. Flåten, (om deluxe-utgaven av debut-albumet Flair for Darjeeling)