The Jazz Mouse EP

“The Jazz Mouse EP” is out through Ireland’s Arkhangelsk Recordings. For the Norwegians: The record could be ordered from or Big Dipper.

The Loch Ness Mouse visited the program “Kulturhuset” on national public broadcasting NRK P2 on Friday June 8th, performing three songs live + lenghty interview.


Two, no, three, no, four! new releases

Crossing over: Through Ireland’s Arkhangelsk label The Loch Ness Mouse will release a 7″  in the late summer, exploring further the Miles fusion jazz sides of the “New Graffiti” record with album track “Ask him” on the one side and a new and exclusive instrumental jazz blast on the other side, feat. ex-member, long time collaborator Emil Nikolaisen from Serena Maneesh on guitar freak out. Check out:

Before summer The Loch Ness Mouse will also release a brand new digital single called “A different life”. Will keep you updated. Feat. Emil as well.

The Jørn Åleskjær album will also very soon be mixed & mastered. And finally, Elvira Nikolaisen fantastic new album “Lighthouse” (Sony BMG) was released some time ago, feat. Ole Johannes of The Loch Ness Mouse on vocal harmonies.   

 Robyn Hitchcock

Ole Johannes and Fred from The Loch Ness Mouse, along with Frode from I was a king, backed Robyn Hitchcock on his ByLarm gig in Oslo in February, as well as on a live broadcasted show in NRK P2’s radio studo “Kulturhuset” the day after. Watch the Mono show here:

And apparently someone captured the radio show as well:

Robyn Hitchcock by terjely

December 13th
Loads of things happening! The Loch Ness Mouse have been presented with music and visuals in Moscow as a part of the exhibition “Palette of Scandinavia” this week end (Dec. 10th-12th). This is a result of the band’s newly established collaboration with Russian promoters Expromotion.

Two new shows confirmed for Latvia in February, see “Shows”.

Many new collaborations including Loch Ness Mouse members coming up, too soon to reveal, but will include both live and studio duties, check back at this very page for more soon!

The Jørn Åleskjær studio album is closing in on completion with a very inspired session with old band mate and entrepreneur Emil Nikolaisen on drums, bass and guitars.

Sept 28th
Åleskjær solo album
Jørn Åleskjær, half of Loch Ness Mouse’ song writing brother duo on all four L.N.M. album releases, has started to record his solo album, produced by brother Ole Johannes. The record will be out sometime in 2011 and will feature Jørn Åleskjær’s emotional songwriting and Dennis Wilson-esque qualities paired with more than a touch of Todd Rundgren, with a lot of dreamy ambience and sonic detail. A great group of players have contributed to this piece of beachgaze music as well: Håvard Krogedal (Serena Maneesh, I was a King, Loch Ness Mouse), Fred G. Strand (Lionheart Brothers, Loch Ness Mouse, I was a King) and Gary Olson (The Ladybug Transistor). More to come!

 Ah summer!
Gary Olson and Ole play a new Ladybug Transistor song at Djurgårdsfärjan in Stockholm as part of the Stockholm Boat Sessions.


Halfways to Darjeeling – Two new records on their way
July 1st is set as the release date for the de luxe version of The Loch Ness Mouse’ first album Flair for Darjeeling on Hype City Recordings (Harrys Gym, I was a king, Serena Maneesh etc., This is a 10 Year Anniversary re-release, remastered from the original mixes, and it comes with the bonus disc Flair for Skulerud with 11 songs (single and EP material plus previously unreleased bonus tracks). The band will perform the whole album at Egersund Visefestival on July 1st.

Sirkel Records (Lionheart Brothers, Maribel and others, will release a split 7″ with The Loch Ness Mouse and our companions in Mary Me Young in August, with release parties in Oslo and Trondheim (See shows page), the two bands sharing the bill. The Loch Ness Mouse track is the brand new Small Scale (3000ft high and still rising), perhaps a sort of return to the Beach Boys inspired harmony gospel of the second album Key West.

June 7 2010
The Loch Ness Mouse have started to record for a new project, working title “Jazz Mouse”. The record will explore further the 70s Miles-freak/funk/avant garde jazz elements, that were also partly present on last year’s “New Graffiti”, into a full impro jazz blast album. Look out for interesting guest appearances. Updates will follow.